301 North Fifth St.
Alpine, TX 79830

Feeding birds can be a lot of fun, offering an amazing view of one of nature's wonders. Visit our True Value Gardens center (across the street from our main building) for:


Feeders in many different colors and shapes.


Several types of seed, to fit your exact needs.


Birdhouses, both plainly designed and lavishly decorated. We also carry kits to build your own!


Chickens often need a special habitat, and we carry many of the items they require:


Feed and grit.


Feeders, water sources, and even a few books on the proper care for chickens.


One of the best things about chickens is their eggs, and a nest box will help you gather them.


Colorful and exciting to watch, fish also require special care and we can help with:


Tetra flakes of several different types, to keep the fish well fed.

Filters, brushes, vacuums, and more for keeping their habitat clean.


Bowls from Water-World, so they have a suitable home.