301 North Fifth St.
Alpine, TX 79830

Dawson is ready to help you with any firearms needs, including special orders for guns and accessories! He works with several distributors to keep us well stocked, with inventory including:


Pistols ranging from designs inspired by the classic 1911, to Glocks, and even many of the latest innovations from several manufacturers! We're also a Kimber Master dealer, allowing us to order direct from Kimber.


Revolvers big and small, chambered for many different calibers. Additionally, we carry classic single-action revolvers suitable for Cowboy Action Shooting! Even an occasional derringer can be found on our shelves.


Whether it's out on the ranch or shooting recreationally at the range, long guns are workhorses of the Big Bend. We carry a wide range of shotguns and rifles, both smaller ones for pest control and full-sized ones suitable for hunting. If you have an eye for the exotic, we sometimes carry things like a Henry Survival Rifle or a PS90; feel free to come by and see what else we've found!


We offer a wide variety of ammunition, including .22, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 12 ga., .308, and more! Need something less typical, such as FN 5.7 or other loads? We can get most calibers, just let us know your needs and we'll make it happen.


For reloaders, we carry an excellent selection of primers and powders. Reloading components such as brass casings and bullets are special ordered to meet your particular needs. We deal with several distributors who stock RCBS, Lee, and Hornady reloading presses and accessories!


Optics from Bushnell, Nikon, BSA, and others are available to make sure you're on-target. We stock red-dot sights, and can order lights and lasers to fit your accessory rail! Several brands are available, including NcStar, Streamlight, BSA, and more.


A good knife can help with all sorts of outdoor tasks, so feel free to see our selection!


Morrison True Value is a Texas Parks and Wildlife license station, and we're working on adding a list of hunting leases in the area to this page.

Remember that even if we don't have something you need, we can probably get it; just ask!