301 North Fifth St.
Alpine, TX 79830

Howdy! Sheriff Morrison here. I'd like to introduce you to some of the fine and friendly folks around here that work to make your visit to our store an enjoyable, memorable experience.


Denise handles payroll and call routing. If you call us at 432-837-2061, she will usually be the one to put you in touch with the best person to answer your question!


Joey is our manager of systems and operations. He places our inventory orders, while also maintaining most of our computer/IT setup and in-store radio system. Staff can even communicate across buildings thanks to his efforts!


Steve is the floor manager. He organizes many of the day-to-day functions, ensuring that we're working as a team and staying on-task. Steve also has many talents and can often be found helping customers with questions ranging from hardware to cell phones.


Lucy Ward is our vice president and handles much of our giftware section. Along with administrative duties, she operates Lucy's Christmas Cottage as your one-stop-shopping solution for holiday decorations!


Bob Ward owns the store, always keeping an eye on how we can improve and help you better. While his position means he has to keep an eye on the big picture, he cares about getting the little details right too. A fan of the hands-on approach, Bob is happy to personally help customers.